Why Podcast?

Get your listeners to pay attention

A powerful top-of-funnel brand-awareness tool over which you have complete control.
Highly cost-efficient: start simply with a basic recorder, editing software, and a soundcloud account.
Start commercial relationships in a non-commercial way – invite target customers to be interviewed on your podcast series.
Expose your brand to new, valuable networks through your guests’ social media channels.
Ideal for small marketing teams: one podcast transcribed can easily generate several content streams (blogs, quote memes, AI-generated promo videos) allowing you to work smart.



The predicted number of podcast listeners worldwide by the end of 2024.

With podcast downloads up 20% in 2022, the audience continues to grow rapidly.


Of Irish people listen to podcasts regularly versus 31% average in other EU countries.

Ireland is a great place to build an audience.





The age group that listen to podcasts the most.

A powerful medium to reach a younger customer base.



Predicted value of podcast industry by 2024

Advertisers are buying in to this fast-growing medium.


Of the world’s population that are ‘auditory learners’ ie they prefer to consume content through audio over visual.

So if audio is not currently part of your marketing mix then you’re not engaging 30% of your customer base as effectively as you could be.