Podcast and Communications Training

Master the art of podcasting, presenting and compelling communications

After 20+ years producing and presenting award-winning radio shows and podcasts, we now share everything we have learned about great production, presentation and communications though our range of training programmes. These courses are suitable for companies and individuals and the duration can be tailored to your needs. Delivery method can be in-person, on-line, or hybrid.

Podcasting 101

This is a short course, ranging from a half-day, full-day or one week, depending on your requirements. It covers everything you need to know about the podcast industry, coming up with a great idea for a show, recording and editing, sound design, and growing your audience. Suitable for companies, organisations and individuals that wish to launch a podcast to build their brand, reach more customers, clients and stakeholders, or engage more deeply with the staff.

Turning your podcast idea into reality

Do you already have a podcast idea but need support with developing the concept, producing it to the highest standard, and launching it to your target audience? In this course we work with you directly on your idea, collaboratively refining and developing it, and mapping out a clear plan for launch and promotion.

The Today FM School of Radio and Podcasting

This is a 10-week course that puts aspiring media professionals and podcasters into a room with the best in the business, including Pamela Joyce, Gavan Reilly, and John Duggan. Many of our graduates now work across the highest levels of national and local radio, and in the podcast industry. It is also suitable for company owners, marketing professionals and anyone intending to create a podcast for their business. Full details here.

Check out the course podcast where graduates share their experience of the course, how they landed a job in radio or podcasting, and they share key tips and watch-outs that may help you kick-start your audio career.

Communications & media training

Do you want to feel more prepared, confident, and impactful when you appear on radio, podcasts or television? In this course we analyse the traits of great communicators and learn how to apply their approach in your own way in media, business meetings and the boardroom.

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