AudioBrand: a podcasting, content and communications agency specializing in next-generation marketing.

Today's customers don't want the hard sell or marketing jargon, they want relevant and compelling content that makes a positive difference to their lives - and they expect to see it on all of the platforms they spend time on.

Yes, that still means radio, TV, print, blogs and video; but, increasingly, it also means podcasts / audio content. Connected cars, Alexa and Google Assistant, and smartphone apps are bringing podcasts to the world. AudioBrand ensures that the world hears your brand.

Patrick Haughey

Founder & MD

Patrick Haughey is an award-winning radio & podcast producer, content editor, and presenter. He has created and currently produces projects including: Mario's Sunday Roast with Mario Rosenstock, Today FM; All In with AIB,; the Voxpro Studios podcast (presenter); and the Today Fm School of Radio and Podcasting (founder/director).
Patrick puts his extensive audio content experience to work for his clients and makes the process of creating your branded podcast a smooth and successful one.

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Our Clients

Today FM
TELUS International
Ireland Canada Business Association
Voxpro-powered by TELUS International


AudioBrand works with companies that want to:

  • Create a podcast to win more customers, optimize existing client relationships, and boost internal communications.
  • Increase brand awareness through exposure on radio, TV and print.
  • Be self-sufficient in content creation and audio production.

Podcast Production

We'll take you through the studio doors and help you create the audio format that best brings your brand to life. We can host, teach you how to host, and find high-level guests for interview.

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Podcast & Content Training

Learn how to produce great audio and written content from the people who do it best. We run The Today FM School of Radio and Podcasting and design bespoke programmes for individuals, SMEs and corporates who want specific solutions.

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Communications Consultancy

You already have a story, a mission, and a whole lot of content. We help you bring all of these elements together in the right formats, and bring them to the attention of Ireland's leading editors, producers, and presenters.


We work with media brands, corporate brands, and high-profile individuals within Ireland and internationally - including Lidl, Voxpro, DCU, Orangeworks, and many more.

Here's a deeper dive into some AudioBrand projects:

The Voxpro Studios podcast

Voxpro – powered by TELUS International is a global customer experience (cx) provider for tech companies including Google, Airbnb and Vivino. The company wanted to showcase its CX thought-leadership and win new clients through the power of audio.

And so Voxpro Studios was born – a series that explores how the world’s most successful companies excel at customer experience. Patrick Haughey interviews Heads of CX from global leaders including Spotify, Nest Labs, AirBnb, and Salesforce.

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The Today FM School of Radio and Podcasting

Ireland’s leading content creation and production training programme. Designed for people who want to work in traditional media, digital media, or who need to create cut-through content for their own company or personal brands. Delivered by Ireland’s leading content creators. Take a look inside the studio doors.


Communications Consultancy: Ireland Canada Business Association

With over two decades experience producing national radio and TV talk shows, Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand knows what it takes to catch an editor's eye.

The Ireland Canada Business Association wanted to increase its profile in order to gain more members and provide further value for existing members. AudioBrand helped shape the ICBA's narrative, messaging and content / communications strategy, gaining the association exposure on outlets including RTE's Morning Ireland, the Sunday Independent, the Irish Times, and

Why Podcast

  • A powerful top-of-funnel brand-awareness tool over which you have complete control.
  • Highly cost-efficient: start simply with a basic recorder, editing software, and a soundcloud account.
  • Start commercial relationships in a non-commercial way - invite target customers to be interviewed on your podcast series.
  • Expose your brand to new, valuable networks through your guests' social media channels.
  • Ideal for small marketing teams: one podcast transcribed can easily generate several content streams (blogs, quote memes, AI-generated promo videos) allowing you to work smart.


Growth in podcast audience since 2013 (Edison / Rajar)


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Cars sold with Smartphone Integration Systems in 2018 (SBD). Soon it will be as easy to listen to a podcast in your car as it is to turn on your favourite radio station.


searches conducted by voice search by 2020” (comscore) “Alexa, put on the Voxpro Studios podcast” – voice search will make listening to podcasts at home as easy as listening to radio and watching TV.


podcast listeners in the United States by 2021 (Statista)


of the world’s population that are ‘auditory learners’ ie they prefer to consume content through audio over visual. So if audio is not currently part of your marketing mix then you’re not engaging 30% of your customer base as effectively as you could be.